Self-paced study materials

Learn Italian with stories and creativity

Learning a language on your own is an awesome experience, but it can be really challenging at times.

The Story+Lessons don’t have any start/finish time, you just buy them and take your time to read and practice, totally schedule-friendly. So if you struggle with finding the time, these stories are for you.

Even if you already study Italian in a school or with an online teacher, you can make a very good use of the Story+Lessons. Maybe you wouldn’t mind some extra homework when you don’t have class, or you want to have a better understanding of grammar, you want to listen to another pronunciation, you want to challenge yourself further. All of this is possible.

Story-based materials

The stories I write are short, from about 600 words to about 1200. The Italian is simple but rich. The activities and instructions are in English. Level: A2 and up.
You can choose from:
  • Story+Lesson: a book, an audiobook, a lesson, and lots of practice all in one. Perfect for solo-learners, busy people, students looking for some extra homework, and of course, readers.
  • Story+Journal: embrace the power of journaling to shape up your Italian. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be meaningful for you.
  • Story+Planner: the perfect way to always have some Italian with you.
Marta in Italia by Silvia Perrone - book

Journaling is powerful. When we write in a journal we give ourselves permission to be true, honest, raw. Our mind is active, our soul is calm, our body is relaxed. These are the perfect conditions for learning too. So, while creating our story on paper we can also learn Italian. Journaling is a private act. What you write is not meant to be shared, it’s only yours. Journaling in Italian will help you to build more confidence and to trust your intuition.

Dove vado? A Story+Planner by Silvia Perrone - buy on Amazon

Planning our Italian learning time is not always easy, a Story+Planner helps you plan Italian alongside everything else you have to do. The planner structure is very simple, just a weekly plan and tracker. There are also two pages after each week that you can fill with everything: lists, notes, stickers, doodles, etc. Your planner is always with you and so is an Italian story that you can read, study, translate, meditate about, and anything else your inner student wants to do with it!

I just purchased both your stories and I just wanted to let you know that they are EXCELLENT! I love your thoughtful approach and recognition that everyone is so busy. I can study them over time and at my pace. I am an advanced beginner and think these lessons will really help me! Please continue to create more!!


30 Days of Creative Italian Learning

Email course: sign up and receive 1 creative activity a day for 30 days!

Casa è un riflesso

A video course to guide you through the story and help you improve your writing.

"Profumo di Zagara" has really taken my taste for reading in Italian to the next level. It's a delightful and engaging experience. I usually have problems to finish reading texts in Italian, but this one totally caught my attention. The descriptions are so colorful and vivid. I felt transported to the places in the descriptions. Plus, I learned new vocabulary and got a great sense of accomplishment by finishing and understanding my first reading in Italian at one sitting. Totally recommended!
Estefanía Quevedo Lusby
Spanish teacher
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