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I just purchased both your stories and I just wanted to let you know that they are EXCELLENT! I love your thoughtful approach and recognition that everyone is so busy. I can study them over time and at my pace. I am an advanced beginner and think these lessons will really help me! Please continue to create more!!

Hi, I'm Silvia

I’m a teacher, author, content creator, blogger, reader, language learner, jewelry maker, aperitivo lover, summer at the beach type of person. I publish stories, podcasts, videos, but I’m an introvert. I write stories, create materials, and lead workshops to help you learn Italian creatively and at your own pace.

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Italearn’s membership is a small community of learners where we explore an Italian text every month using reflection, journaling, creative reading and writing exercises. The goal is to create a deep connection with the language, find your own words to truly express yourself, create art and memories with those words. 


"I thought I was somewhat creative but it had never occurred to me to apply that creativity to language learning. Participating to Creative Italian Workshops has given me more confidence to experiment with the language and create my own sentences. Also, reading Italian was something I found particularly difficult and I avoided, but after seeing what I could do with the texts Silvia picks I now feel more comfortable reading longer texts or texts that may be above my level. I highly recommend it. If you haven't tried it, this creative approach to learning Italian might not seem very effective. In fact, it is the opposite. On the one hand, it's a relaxing and fun activity, which is in itself conducive to learning. There's also a lot of freedom to create whatever text you feel comfortable with and to explore those formal aspects of the Italian language you need at any particular time."


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