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Good design is important, but...

“I’m a teacher, not a graphic designer!” I’m sure that’s what you would say if I’d ask you why don’t you make beautiful graphics for your materials. Because let’s be honest, teachers have tons of things to do every day: lesson planning, materials research and adaptation, materials creation, teaching, reviewing, and if they have a website add maintaining their site, writing articles, sending newsletters, sharing on social media, etc.

All of this takes time and days are not long enough to fit making nice designs into this schedule.

Yes, good design is helpful for the students because it makes the content easy to understand and go through, but it’s also an energy (and mind sanity) sucker.

The design part is slowing the workflow and it’s an annoying thing to do, not to mention trying to fix a bad design: it takes more than doing it from scratch!

It’s time to delegate! But if hiring a graphic designer seems too much, why not have a fellow teacher who knows how to design materials for students do the work for you (or with you)?

Introducing: Easy graphics for teachers

Learn how to design engaging and visually pleasing materials, or have them made for you! Add your special touch to your materials and make them look more professional without feeling like “stealing” time to other things that are important for you.

Don't add an extra task to your To-Do List

I know how frustrating it can be to add the graphic task to all the rest. I’m a teacher too. And I want to help other teachers like you to create professional and engaging visuals. You don’t have to stress over graphic design because I can do it for you (well, not stressing, I’d rather design!) or I can do it with you by teaching you easy techniques to create your materials and templates with Canva.

How many times have you said “Oh, how I wish someone else could do this” when you had to design something for your students or for your site?  I hear you.  But read on, here’s what I can do for you:


DFY (Done For You) I can design your

  • workbooks 
  • eBooks 
  • planners 
  • PDFs 
  • presentations/slides 
  • and all other materials you need for your students

DWY (Done with you) I can teach you how to

  • design your materials in Canva
  • design your templates in Canva (for your blog and social media posts for example)
  • use Google Docs to create beautiful workbooks and PDFs (I know, it seems impossible, but it’s not!)

Less headaches and more time to teach!
(Or to do anything else you want to do!)


My challenge with creating visuals was my lack of knowledge about how to make them and also lack of knowledge about design in general, so I had no idea what to do and was making very bad PowerPoint presentations. Silvia gave me fonts and colours to use. She also helped me create some great templates that I can now use going forward, so it makes creating materials and social media content much easier.
I have absolutely no eye for colors and I'm not tech savvy so for me creating my own graphics was something very stressful and time-consuming that would bring terrible results. Silvia guided me through the process and was there every step of the way. I still don't have an eye for graphic design but I feel like I'm better equipped and have a better understanding of what is involved and have learned some shortcuts that leave me feeling empowered and accomplished. But mostly, I feel like my final products reflect what I'm delivering and my audience loves them!
I was creating a new digital product and the thought of creating visuals and formatting the workbook gave me heart palpitations. Silvia took the worry and hard thinking work away from me. She knew instinctively what visuals to use to match my brand. Her formatting was slick and professional. I am delighted with the result. She were super quick to respond which was reassuring especially when I had my panicky moments. Silvia made my life so easy.

Easy graphics for teachers are really easy

There are two ways we can work together: I can design your materials for you (really quick option!) or I can teach you how to make them using Canva and Google Docs.

All you have to do is choose one option, I wil then contact you to talk about all the details: your preferred fonts, your brand colors, your style or the style you are looking for but were never able to create on your own, etc.

If you want me to design your materials, there are different prices depending on the pages I will have to create, while if you want me to teach you how to create your templates and materials the price is per session (90 minutes). Here are all the details:

Silvia Perrone - Author, Language Coach, Podcaster - Italearn.com

Have we met yet?

I’m Silvia Perrone, teacher, author, experimenter, and I can’t wait to create beautiful and engaging materials with you!  Even though I make videos and publish the occasional selfie on Instagram, my nature is that of an introvert. I prefer small crowds to big audiences, I like to take my time when I do the things that I enjoy doing, and I love to learn to be connected to myself. I’m sure we’ll make the world more beautiful with our gorgeous visuals!

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