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How do we learn a new language? There are uncountable methods, techniques, exercises, but if you ask me, in the end it all comes to connection. Everything in life is connected and so are we and languages.

Sentences are formed through the connection of different parts, meanings are conveyed through the connection of language and context, the words you read, say, or are told to you become memories. This is the whole cycle for me.

The way I see language learning is equal parts intuition, awareness, and consistency. My favorite methods are creative reading and writing activities.

How you can strengthen your emotional connection with Italian and grow as an independent learner:

My personal approach to learning a language has evolved over the years. A lot. I have always wanted to be able to read literature and poetry in my target language; I have always wanted to watch movies in that language too. Most of all, I wanted to be able to travel and talk with people on the street or in a cafe. I’m sure you have similar goals with Italian, but you have realized it is so hard; it takes a lot of time, much more than you had anticipated; and there are so many offers out there. So I’m here to guide you through your path to learning Italian with everything I know about it. I’ll teach you how to create connections, meanings, memories. Via newsletter and membership.

The Newsletter

No matter the current level of your Italian, you can enjoy writing and reading on your own. We’ll take it slowly, like Italians sipping a glass of wine watching the sunset. This is not about rules, grammar, or perfection.  This is about the pleasure of learning Italian.

This is what you can get from my newsletters:

  • creative ways to learn Italian stress-free
  • challenges to develop your curiosity and your learner’s skills
  • short videos in Italian
  • journaling prompts to help you reflect on the language
  • infographics, trackers, screensavers, calendars, illustrations, etc to help you set realistic goals and grow your language awareness
  • access to the Library of Contents
  • support and that pep talk you need once in a while
  • anything else my mind is able to conceive to help you learn Italian!

When you sign up you receive a short story in Italian (written by me!) and 5 creative activities + something extra that I’ll send you in the following 3 weeks after the sign up. 

The newsletter is free and you can unsubscribe at any time (there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email you receive from me).


The Membership

What’s the best way to create connections, meanings, memories? Doing it consistently. Which doesn’t mean studying Italian every day as many hours as possible, it means establishing a routine and following it regularly. I’m here to help you do all of it by giving you monthly tasks that you can carry out at your own pace and that will keep you busy on a regular basis. I will be giving you tips on how to organize your Italian learning time using reflection, journaling, instants of marvel. You’ll become a more sensitive learner and you will develop your own “Italian self”.

What’s inside the membership:
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The Create connections, meanings, memories method in a nutshell:

What do you do when you read, listen, write, speak in Italian?

The Membership: how it works

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most flexible

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Connect emotionally with Italian

Using reflection, journaling, drawing, and mixing different skills.  Make Italian yours.

Become an intuitive and independent learner

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat: experiment, try, find what works for you and do it consistently. Be in awe.

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