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Teacher of Italian, languages enthusiast, jewelry maker and lover of experimental creativity.

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What can I do for you

When I started learning foreign languages I was too afraid of making mistakes, scared to death at the idea of speaking with natives, I had zero self-confidence. 

Things can change? Oh, yes they can! If you think my English is ok for a non-native, then I am living proof that learning a foreign language is something that can be done. 

I teach Italian at beginner level, so if you want or need to speak Italian (for work, for travel, for family reasons, etc.) but believe this is a challenge you can never win, you are in the right place.

What I believe in

A few years ago, I was working for a local company as an international sales employee, and I wasn’t happy about my job. While I had the opportunity to work with many people from around the world, I felt that I was missing something.

I wanted to develop my languages background even further and I wanted to connect more with people. 

Indeed, as a part-time job, I have continued to tutor language students, until I decided to return to my old passion full-time.

As a languages enthusiast myself, I strongly believe that knowing a foreign language allows people to understand each other better. I like that my lessons are always a two-sided stream of knowledge.

Using the right words, tone, mode can be crucial in telling someone you love them, explain how to use a life-saving tool, or advance your career, so use language mindfully.

Simply being aware of how you speak, both your mother tongue and a second language, can make a difference in your life.

For example, a second language can be your life-line if you just moved to another country; managing a foreign language can boost your self-confidence; switching from your first language to another opens your mind and makes your brain work better!

There is something absolutely uplifting in helping other people achieve a goal.

The feeling I have when a student comes back to me with a radiant smile and a thank you is incomparable.

Speaking foreign languages gives you freedom.

Being able to learn other languages gives you the tangible proof that you can do a lot on your own, it gives you independence.

I am sure I share these values, feelings, ideas with many people in the world, people who may be looking for that little incentive to improve their life.


So why not letting it be learning a new language? It has worked for me 🙂

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My background and education

I am a teacher of Italian as a foreign and second language, I have the CEDILS Certification as a teacher of Italian as L2/LS and a Degree in Conference Interpreting and Translation.

When I was 11 I started learning a foreign language for the first time, English, and it was instant love.

My dream was to speak as many languages as possible, become a journalist and travel the world.

I did learn several languages at different levels (English, French, German, Spanish), but I am not a journalist and traveling, well, it is never enough!

I also wanted to be a literary translator, because so I would have always been surrounded by words and magic.

I don’t translate literature, but I occasionally work as a translator, so I guess languages and communication are really my thing. 

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