30 Days of Creative Italian Learning


Learn Italian through creative activities

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Experts say that consistency solves a lot of problems. Do you agree? I do. But for me, it takes a little help to start, I need to be pushed before I figure out how to make a habit stick.

You know, even with language learning, it’s the little things. You need to take baby steps consistently before you can turn back and see how far you’ve arrived. And this is the idea behind this 30 days project: do something with Italian, however small, but do it consistently.
So what can you expect from these 30 creative activities?

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • Setting your intentions and goals and taking action (for this project and for other non-language related projects)
  • Writing your own poetry or artistic content, because writing in Italian is hard but when you have a prompt and the freedom to just flow without thinking of the correctness or accuracy of what you write, you truly express yourself.
  • Discovering (a pretty good deal of) new words — the richest your vocabulary, the clearer your message.
  • Listening to Italian music: it doesn’t always have to be profound, it’s how it makes you feel that counts. And sometimes a song can say a lot about us.
  • Creating artwork including Italian words that are meaningful for you.
  • Researching patterns and rules to better understand how the language works — this is partly guided, but you are going to do the biggest part of the work by reflecting on what you have written, read, found.
  • Journaling to discover and re-discover why you learn Italian: it’s important that you always remind yourself of the reasons that guide you in this process.

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Create connections, meanings, memories


Some words and images from previous students:

I had an amazing experience participating at Italian Challenge from Silvia. 30 days of inspiring creative tasks which make you closer to Italian language and also to yourself because each task is special and you’re dealing with authentic Italian content, creating collages, lists, poems and so much more! Silvia is also very supporting and inspiring, I was happy to share with her the results of my work. After this challenge I became much more self-confident in creating things and feel that learning Italian is about enjoying the process!




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30 Days of Creative Italian Learning