Together is better

Learn Italian with me, I got you.

I got you!

Learning a language on our own is ambitious and sooo rewarding, but the roadblocks look higher and the challenges unconquerable because: we are alone.

When I was in primary schoool (a long time ago sadly!) there were no foreign languages classes. But I wanted to learn English. And I guess I must have insisted so much that my parents got me an encyclopedia, with tapes! I was thrilled, but then I discovered that everything was in English and I only had the drawings and the voices to rely on. So, well… I panicked. I thought that I could have never made it alone. I just needed someone to reassure me and teach me how to learn.

Because learning a language on our own is possible, but sometimes we feel lost, or lonely, or burned-out. It’s ok. I got you:

  • we can read that book that lies at the bottom of your nightstand because it’s too difficult to read right now.
  • we can journal together so you can find the words that you need.
  • we can discover unusual and old-fashioned ways to say things in Italian, just for the pleasure of it.

Because together is better. I got you.


140/4 weeks
  • 2 weekly tasks
  • Feedback via chat


(most requested!)

325/4 weeks
  • 2 weekly tasks
  • Feedback via chat
  • 2 live sessions


500/4 weeks
  • 2 weekly tasks
  • Feedback via chat
  • 4 live sessions
  • Final assignment

How does it work?

Whatever your dream is, I’m here to help you make it come true. How do we do that? By showing up consistently. First we set intentions and goals. Then I put you at work: you’ll have 2 assignments each week (that will involve your creativity) and I will be always there for you, giving you feedback and the occasional pep talk when you need it. All this is going to happen via email and chat, so we can actually talk! Don’t forget, I’m rooting for you!

This way to start these 4 weeks together 🙂