4-weeks group program

Bi-weekly tasks sent to you via email

Chat feedback and support via Telegram

From the 21st of August 2023, for 4 weeks, you will be receiving 2 emails a week with all the materials and the tasks that I have prepared for you:

  • the first week you get to know Italians on the beach – you will learn to say where you are and to locate things,
  • the second week you’ll listen to some music with them (summer music festivals are literally everywhere in Italy) – you will listen to a song and understand its lyrics,
  • then the third week you’ll prepare an authentic Italian recipe – you will learn new vocabulary and how to conjugate basic verbs in Italian,
  • and finally the fourth week you’ll enjoy a beautiful evening sitting under a tree in the town’s piazzetta.

Materials include: text, audio, video.

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