5 steps to writing your own travel journal in Italian

How to write in Italian without speaking Italian - yet!

What do you do when you want to give a voice to your feelings, when you want to remember a beautiful encounter, when you want to understand more? You write. Somehow, fixing an experience on paper (lived or imagined) is preserving it. It’s making it stronger and bolder. And it’s liberating.

Journaling is a soul-lifting practing. I do it to awaken my creativity and to keep the flow of thoughts going. I also have a couple of travel journals that I like to go through once in a while and let my memory wander.

But journaling in Italian? Even if you have just started learning the language? It’s possible. And it’s a very enjoyable thing to do. 

In my free guide “5 steps to writing your own travel journal in Italian” you’ll learn how easy it is to use the Italian language to embellish your journal and to study the language without actually studying it. Just writing down words and connecting them to an experience is enough to create a true connection with Italian. 

Ready to travel?


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