Learn Italian at your own pace

Hey, I'm Silvia

I make learning Italian easy and manageable for beginners. I teach strategies to help you communicate with just what you know, and I tell stories.

What can we do together? Start here

You don’t have to feel intimidated by Italian, actually there are so many things you can do with just a few words. Start small, don’t compare to anyone else, grow at your own pace. I provide you with resources to write and read in Italian starting from exactly where you are now.

The power of stories

When I can connect a new piece of information with a story, a place, a person, it is easier to remember it. I can create an entire new world of possibilities, I learn and grow at the same time. I write those stories for you, so you can just relax, read, and learn. Writing has always been the best way to communicate for me, it allows me to take some time and let things sink slowly. Learning Italian through my stories is an immersion in the Italian life. You are coming to Italy without even packing! 

You can choose from: Story+Lessons, Story+Journals, Story+Planners

The Podcast

I’m an introvert who loves to chat (can you imagine?). When you learn a language you need friends to chat with, it can’t always be lessons and courses. So Elfin, Barbara, and I invite you to join us and take part in an authentic Italian conversation.

Do you love chatting over drinks with your friends? So do we.
We’re Elfin, Barbara and Silvia and we meet up twice a month and talk about this and that. In Italian. 

The blog


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