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Here is where you can find all my resources for you: eBooks, 1:1 Lessons, guides, courses. Take what you need.

Where do I start?

Start by thanking yourself for taking the first step to learn (or improve) Italian. 

Now, if the only words you know in Italian are pizza and gelato, I suggest you start with a 1:1 program so you can learn the basics at your own pace (we’ll call this A0 level). The 1:1 program is not limited to A0 though, it’s for everyone who prefers to work with a teacher, slowly, without judgments.

If you already have an idea of how the language works, you could enroll in a course like the Italian summer camp (we’ll call this A1 level, instructions are in English).

Then, if you want to keep learning and you want to do it in a super relaxed way, try an Unconventional Friday night with one of my Story+Lessons (we’ll call this A2 level).

1:1 Italian Lessons 4 weeks program - Private Italian classes - italearn.com

Let's meet face to face

We can work 1:1, from your current level (A0, A1, A2). Your minimum commitment is 4 weeks.

Or – If you are already studying by yourself, but you are stuck, book a 1-off lesson with me and I’ll clarify your doubts.

Story+lesson eBooks italearn.com

Learn with short stories

Reading a story as a beginner, yes you can. The stories I write are not too complicated, the language is simple, but authentic = you are not going to read the typical detective story or unrequited love story. 

(Here I explain why I write these stories.)

Join the Italian Summer Camp

join the summer camp

The Italian Summer Camp is a 4-week program for beginners. It’s set in Italy, but you don’t have to be there to join the course. This is slow learning, no rushing to “proven results” or grades. Just enjoying learning some Italian on the beach.


you know what else is an investment?

Checking your inbox is an investment, once you are on my list. And it won’t cost you a single $.