How to expand your Italian writing habit with sound-only videos

Yes, you have read it correctly: you can expand your Italian writing habit using sound-only, nature sounds videos.

It may seem awkward, I know, and that’s what I said to myself when I got the idea. But then I focused my attention on the possibilities those videos can offer. 

Right now, while I’m writing this post, I’m listening to this Relaxing nature sounds video (which is very similar to what I can hear when I open my window — except for the water sound that is barely audible, even though there is a stream opposite my house). 

The main goal of this kind of videos is indeed to make you feel more calm and relaxed, and this is exactly how we want to feel when we study Italian. Sometimes we underestimate the power of a calm mind: in language learning it helps feeling more focused and it strengthens our confidence.

How to choose the right video

When it comes to choosing the video for this exercise, there isn’t a right or wrong way to go. 

The sound is definitely a part we want to give proper consideration as we’ll probably be listening to it while writing, so make a first selection of “genres”.

Within the genre you have chosen now look at the image. Ideally, you want to choose something very detailed because that’s what you are going to write about.

What to write

Now that you have some relaxing music and a pleasant view on your computer, grab your Italian notebook and write a simple list of what you see in the video/image and what you hear.

Start with the main categories you see, for example:

  • Sky
  • Sea
  • Forest
  • Room
  • Sounds 
  • Etc.

Even if you are not the artistic type, try doing something visual in this phase. Maybe you can divide the page in sections and use different colors for each category, or maybe you could use shapes.

Try something like this:

how to expand your italian writing habit with sound only videos - downloadable -
(it’s downloadable, just click the image to get the PDF)

The second step is to fill the space in each category with as many words as you can. Everything you can identify in the image goes to its group, be very specific. If you already know the words in Italian, write them! If not, just note them down in your language and look them up (later, you could add them to a glossary if you use them).

Before moving on to compose your sentences, make another list: this time write down as many verbs as you think you will need — both related to the image and useful for your text.

Ok, now you should have everything you need to start writing. Begin with simple phrases, even just verb+subject and then expand them if you feel so. Let the music guide you.

Another idea: go back to your sentences after a few weeks or months. If you have continued studying and learning Italian you will be able to write a more complex text, and maybe come up with your first short story in Italian!

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